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Robert J. Brooks

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About Me

Robert J. Brooks is a media industry veteran with over 18 years of experience specializing in content and sales development with an emphasis on using digital media strategies and solutions. His experience has provided him the opportunity to serve on projects for reputable organizations such as NBC, Echostar, Bad Robot, The Kennedy Center, Rose City Free Pictures, Coca-Cola, News Corp, US Army, Beam Suntory, Dallas Mavericks, Live Nation, and many more.

He attended The Ohio State University for undergraduate studies, Brooklyn College CUNY for graduate school, and SUNY Buffalo for post graduate studies. In addition, he is an active learner, and has attained a multitude of recognitions and certifications including Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

Robert launched his career in New York City, working in film and video production as a freelancer, and ultimately helping a start-up company launch an IPTV-based TV network called Simply ME TV.  His pursuits brought him to St. Louis, MO as Online Editor and Digital Sales Support for Urban One, Inc.’s local broadcast stations, with his oversight quickly expanding to include their Dallas-Fort Worth, TX stations as well.  Immediately after spearheading the Ferguson / Michael Brown media coverage for all of Urban One Inc.’s divisions on-ground, he accepted the position of Digital Sales Manager for their Dallas / Fort Worth stations.

Currently, he serves as Digital Solutions Specialist at the legendary station WHUR-FM 96.3 in Washington DC. 




  • Video Producer
  • Editorial
  • Social Media
  • Project Manager
  • Content Development


  • Process & Policy Creation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development


  • Matrixed Environments
  • Training & Development
  • Negotiation
  • Relationship Building


  • Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting
  • Analytics




City University of New York-Brooklyn College


MS,Television and Radio


Concentration- Television Network Management

Relevant Courses

Audience Research- learned how to read and translate data from various types of research sources including Nielsen Ratings for television and Arbitron Ratings for radio

Laws and Regulations- learned about basic laws and regulatory practices related to the television and radio industries

Television Program Development- learned how to develop, pitch, and package a television show concept to a potential production company or distributor; implemented these skills into creating and developing a television show for a mock pitch

Scriptwriting- wrote a television show pilot using various skills taught throughout the span of the course

Began working in the freelancing industry during this time. Also worked multiple internships (both paid and nonpaid) for companies/programs such as All My Children, People’s Court, and Character Studies.


University at Buffalo

Advanced Certificate

New Media Design


Relevant Courses

Videogame Design- created 3 team-based projects including a racing combat board game, 2D side scrolling action game using Gamemaker (game/level designs), Flash (animated sequences between levels) and Photoshop (title screen), and a 3D 360-degree environment racer using Terragen (the level), Maya (3D models), Visual C++ (Programming), and Photoshop (Title Screens) and Irrlicht (the overall game programming environment)

Web Design Interface- learned basics in designing user friendly web design interfaces for websites

2D Animation- created 4 short animated pieces that required rotoscoping, compositing, and interpolated animation using Flash, After Effects, DVD Studio Pro, and Photoshop

New Media Design- learned how to use html, xml, xhtml, css webdesign using Dreamweaver; implement graphics, audio, and video into websites using various applications such as Photoshop, Image Ready, and Flash; created website using these skills


The Ohio State University

Degree Name :BA

Field Of Study :English

Dates attended or expected  – 

Concentration- Creative Writing

Minor, Theater

Concentration- Film/Video

Computer IT: majored in for the first 3 years

Relevant Courses

Computer Programming- learned the basic implementation and conceptual method of thinking involving computer designing using mostly C++ and some Pascal; used these programs in a Unix OS environment

Video Production- learned linear editing, the basics of operating a mini-dv camera, lighting, and sound recording for multiple video productions including storytelling and documentary style interviewing

Creative Writing- learned how to write in formats such as screenplays, theatrical scripts, journalistic articles, technical writing, research papers, and short stories; writing in various style formats (such as APA); and editing


Additional Professional Development




Innovative Executive with a unique blend of expertise across sales and content development, who brings 15 years of comprehensive experience to the digital media landscape. Solutions-driven leader, with a proven history of developing high performing teams, articulating insights to key stakeholders, and maximizing and monetizing the digital world.




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